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2022 Past Shows:
Concerts in the Woods

JANUARY - Electrophonic BACH

FEBRUARY - Julius Bucsis and Jean-Paul Perrotte

MARCH - Andy Sigler

APRIL - Emily Koh

MAY | JUNE - Peoples Family Feature

JULY | AUGUST - Mel Mobley, Ethan Wickman, Daniel de Togni

SEPTEMBER - Megan Ihnen (mezzo), Danielle Kuntz, Evan Gravitt, Dawn Sonntag, Charles Corey, David Solomons

OCTOBER | NOVEMBER | DECEMBER - Electrophonic Keyboard Masters 

The above is from David Peoples' "Reflections Under a Flowering Branch." Basically, a mobile installation from performance point to performance point where the performer performs percussion interactive to fixed and live electronics from portable speakers in a backpack. Here, David leads a group through the Tumbling Creek Wetlands with bells and speakers on the way to a secluded pavilion to hear more performances.

Here is an occasional encore piece at Electrophonic Concerts' recitals. David is fond of his $15 keytar (a rockband controller with full midi functions). It's very light; it is portable. Join us on our next show! 

David Peoples performing at a community concert

Dallin Peoples performing at a State Park show

Diana Peoples presenting a community concert

College kids experiencing one of our shows

New Music in the Forest recital

Cave Recital

Audience waiting for a community show

A young participant at an electronics recital

David performing in Oakwood, GA

Portable rig for a pavilion concert

David and Diana at Murrayville Library

New Music with Media Installation (not a concert)

Anywhere is a Stage for Electrophonic Concerts:

Concerts in hidden forests at luxurious pavilions
From grand performance halls to amphitheaters
Featuring live performance with or without electronics

We are a symphonic/concert performance group, offering interactive performances to the community. We engage and talk about what we are performing and are interested in dismissing any elitism or separation of the audience with our performances. We do not cover pop songs on the radio today but offer an eclectic blend of new music by living artist composers.

Why Electrophonic?

Electrophonic refers to a feature on all of our concerts - there will always be an electronic component (fixed media or live processing) with all of our live performances.

So... 'fixed media'?

There are two types of electronics we present:

(1) Live electronics. This involves a laptop or other effect (similar to a guitar pedal) where the sound of an instrument is altered live. A sound is sent directly (from an electronic instrument) or the sound is sent from a microphone into the effects processor and sent to a speaker.

(2) Pre-recorded (and usually manipulated electronically). We might use sounds of recordings from our instruments, build the sound from scratch, or use sounds 'that surround us' (nature, speech, or other sonic experiences). The resulting accompaniment is presented as 'fixed' - coming from a speaker as an accompaniment.

When and how do I participate?

Excellent question. As you may notice... we like to get out more than sit at a computer and add dates here on this website. We have made a concerted effort to find the people already out where we plan to be - so you will find flyers in public places near our locations, on Eventbrite, through direct email messages, or to specific groups on social media.

We also invite you to become a fan and follow us on Patreon. From Patreon, you can significantly contribute to our new music endeavors (helping us with venue rentals, hiring performers, and licensing our events).

If you'd like to be informed when we will present - please ask "info "@" ElectrophonicConcerts.com." Please include your rough geographic area (ie North Georgia, West Tennessee, etc.) and a note 'send me concert invites.' We will send you invites as we are near your geographic location... a robot does not manage this - any unsubscribe message will be honored.

I'm a composer or performer; can I participate?

We occasionally program new works... send us your stuff. We can also host/license an event, but you must check with David first (see the note above for contact).

Wait - weren't you the group that did those hiking recitals all over North Georgia?

Yes, we featured our 'Concert in the Woods' series in 2021 (narration, percussion, and nature sounds) and 2022 (orchestral with percussion and keyboard). You can still hire us to present a hiking recital (we do works for digital piano via keytar, narration, or percussion with fixed or live- processed media). Each year, our programs change with new music by our main presenter David Peoples and other composers we like. As mentioned above, 2023 is our year of the piano. 

I can make one of your recitals... is there a dress code?

Well, you do need to wear clothes, but we won't judge you if you wear pearls, a bow tie, or flip-flops. Most dress casually.

When he remembers to pack it - David loves to grab the scenery with a fancier camera (in other words - not a phone) when we are on the road presenting concerts, here are some random selections off the camera.

Smokey Mountains, TN

Gainesville, GA

Red Top Mountain - near Atlanta, GA

Cloudland Canyon, GA

Cloudland Canyon, GA

Cloudland Canyon, GA

St. George, UT

Red Fox Trail (VA/KY Border)

St. George, UT

Appalachian Trial, GA

Helen, GA

Backside of the Grand Canyon

St. George, UT

Flowery Branch, GA

Appalachian Trial, GA

Knoxville, TN

Gainesville, GA

TN/NC Border

Death Valley, CA