photo by Jose Antonio Alba, digital design by David Peoples

This page represents music to memorialize those that have passed on. 

Some of the pieces tell musical stories that cause a remembrance of our friends, family, and those who paid the price for our current liberties. 

Some remember victims of tragedies.

Or... they are curated here because they trigger a vibe of remembrance. 

Current Feature: US Soldiers Killed in Action Vietnam

I am the child of a Vietnam veteran. My father was a Marine, and he came home honorably (early due to being wounded). This channel begins with videos that visually depict the names of every US soldier KIA during Vietnam. For these first videos, I did something that goes against what the channel calls for - there is no music... just the names. However, I did include music on the shorts, and future videos will include music.

Rest in peace, and find comfort knowing that we love you.

Air Force

Army K - M

Marine Corps Ho - Sc

Army A - Ci

Army N - Sc

Marine Corps Se - Z
Coast Guard

Army Cl - Ga

Army Se - Z

Army Ge - J

Marine Corps A - Hi